How to make your skincare routine more sustainable


Sustainability is more than a trending word, it is a planetary movement that we should all embrace as best we can, for the good of Mother Nature. If you don't know where to start to make your habits more sustainable, your skincare routine is a good way to go. In addition to being good for the planet, less pollution equals better and healthier skin! To start your shift towards a more sustainable beauty routine, here are 7 easy tips that will help you adopt good habits every day.

1. Visit your aesthetician to make the right purchases

We have all bought skincare products thinking they would be right for our skin’s type and conditions, only to find they did not agree with our skin. To avoid buying products that are unsuitable for your skin and that might end up in the trash, a visit to your aesthetician is a must. After having carefully analyzed your skin, she will advise you on the best products for your skin’s needs and your lifestyle. In doing so, you will be doing your skin, the planet and your wallet a great service.

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2. Choose eco-friendly ingredients

For the sake of your skin and the planet choose products that contain eco-responsible ingredients. At G.M. Collin, when our teams select innovative, high-quality, and superior performance ingredients from around the world, they choose ingredients from renewable sources to reduce their impact on the environment and preserve the well-being of communities.

3. Forget the makeup remover wipes and disposable cotton pads

While using makeup remover wipes may seem like a quick and effective way to remove makeup, they don’t bring any benefit to your skin or the planet. While also contributing to the increase in household waste, makeup removing wipes may contain irritants or allergens and, therefore, may cause reactions or sensitivity for certain skin types. Also, makeup wipes do not completely remove makeup, nor do they cleanse the skin deeply.

To properly clean your face, apply a lotion, or rinse off a mask, opt for reusable cotton pads, a washable facecloth, or just use your hands. G.M. Collin cleansers and masks can easily be removed from the skin using only water. Our cleansers also remove makeup, which will let you accomplish two steps in one. When applying lotion, consider spraying it into your clean hands before applying it to your face. This will allow you to save on the amount of lotion used, which would otherwise be mostly absorbed by the cotton.

4. Don’t leave the water running

Turning off the water, when washing your face, is a small gesture that makes a big difference when it comes to wasting water. You can also clean your face or remove your mask when you are in the shower; this will make your life easier.

5. Finish your products before purchasing another one

We certainly understand the enthusiasm we can show at the idea of trying on and acquiring new beauty products. However, it is better to finish using one product before purchasing another. In addition to being good for your wallet, using a product completely allows you to reap the benefits of the product and see maximum results, as skincare products only really show results after a few weeks of use. Also, since cosmetics have an expiration date, it is best to finish them before they expire. Make sure you also check the PAO written on the container (the period after opening), since some products formulated with ingredients such as retinol or vitamin C, have a shorter shelf life once opened. If you aren't happy with a product after a few weeks, consider gifting it to a friend instead of throwing it in the trash!

6. Give a second life to your empty containers

When possible, why not give your pretty jars a second life when they become empty by giving them another purpose. For example, once cleaned, the containers can be used to carry your jewelry or to decorate your bathroom counter. Empty lotion bottles can easily be filled with cleaning products, such as water and vinegar to clean your home in an environmentally friendly manner. You can also reuse the droppers from our serums to calculate quantities of essential oil. Feel free to get creative!

7. Recycle packaging and jars

The golden rule! To properly recycle jars and containers, make sure to first clean them well. You should also remove the cap and pump that are not recyclable. When in doubt, always look for the logo that tells you if your container is recyclable or not.

As for the product packaging box, G.M. Collin has given itself the mandate over the past year to make them all 100% recyclable. Therefore, they are now all FSC certified (the mark of responsible forestry), meaning that the raw material is 100% recyclable and comes from responsibly managed forests and supply chains. In addition, the product packaging box sizes have been reduced to minimize our ecological footprint, and the inks have been revised to provide an environmentally friendly solution.