A New Era of Collagen


Why is collagen essential to the skin?

Collagen is the most common structural protein found in the human body. There are several types of collagens, each with a specific function and essential to maintaining skin health and integrity. To preserve the skin’s structure, elasticity and firmness, the process of collagen production and regeneration must be recurrent and continuous.

Over time, the biological mechanisms involved in the life cycle of collagen slow down and become less efficient. This degradation is at the heart of skin aging. It manifests itself in the appearance of visible signs of aging and contributes to skin laxity. To improve and maintain skin health, it is essential to support the life cycle of collagen.

G.M. COLLIN: 65 years of collagen expertise

A heritage of know-how and innovation

In 1957, renowned dermatologist Dr Eugène Lapinet joined forces with Monique Moreau, an award-winning aesthetician, with the shared mission of identifying the youthful elements at the core of skin. They based their research on the need to stimulate the production of collagen, an essential protein in the fight against skin aging.



Thus, they created their first “collagen pellicle”, a regenerating and skin smoothing mask that is applied to the face and is considered the first generation of the Collagen 90+ clinical treatment.

Sixty-five years later, collagen remains at the heart of G.M. COLLIN dermo-cosmetic products. By honoring the heritage of know-how and distinguishing ourselves through the use and evolution of technological advances, we are paving the way for a new era in skin care.


Introducing the NEW Collagen Supreme Serum

Une nouvelle ère de collagène


This revolutionary serum consolidates collagen’s life cycle to deliver intense hydration and visibly reduce wrinkles, restoring skin’s suppleness, elasticity and resilience.


  • Significantly and visibly reduces wrinkles, for younger-looking skin.
  • Provides intense, optimal hydration.
  • Visibly improves skin firmness.
  • Reveals an exceptionally luminous complexion.



A high-performance vegan formulation

  • Visibly improves skin elasticity: Tiger nut tuber extract & Vegetal collagen
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles: Hexapeptide collagen & Japanese lemon balm extract
  • Enhances complexion radiance: Cranberry fruit extract
  • Supports & protects: Progeline® (trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2) & Wakame extract



3 collagen-powered G.M. COLLIN products


NEW Collagen
Supreme Serum


What it is: A light, vegetal collagen, serum

Benefits: Provides intense, optimal hydration, visibly reduces wrinkles, and restore the skin’s suppleness, elasticity and resilience.


Native Collagen


What it is: An aqueous gel formulated with bovine collagen

Benefits: Provides superior skin soothing and hydration, and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Marine Collagen
Revitalizing Cream


What it is: A light and silky marine collagen cream

Benefits: Revitalizes, energizes and hydrates. Smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of first visible signs of aging.